A-Frame Cottage portable Shed

This cottage shed is an attractive storage building that will brighten your backyard while providing convenient storage at your home.

What can the A-Frame Workshop Utility Shed be used for?

Useful storage

This portable shed will meet your desire for useful space. Harsh weather can damage your equipment at any time of the year. A portable sheds for sale from JZ will help you maintain your mower, ATV, and other equipment for years to come. When you park your machines inside, you’re protecting valuable tools and toys that you might need one day—instead of getting rusty and old from just sitting outside. The sturdy walls provide plenty of space for shelves, hooks, and tables, to keep your space organized and your important supplies handy.

Support Your Hobbies

Perhaps you need a workshop to support your hobbies, such as working with wood or designing art with glass (get inspired: check-out these amazing glass art designs). This portable shed provides ample space for a toolbox and workbench, giving you plenty of space to tinker. Another interesting fun use is for preservation of your old fashioned antique heirlooms you’ve collected over the years. You certainly want to keep these safe till you’re ready to pass down your keepsakes, or just sell it to have an expensive vacation. ?

Options for your A-Frame portable Shed

The A-Frame Workshop Utility Shed from JZ is not just an economical shed. Using construction best-practices, and high-quality materials such as LP exterior Smart Panel Siding, this shed is made to last! You can make this shed your own by choosing from our wide variety of sizes and colors. Also you can customize your shed or take a look at the standard options

Standard A-Shed Features

  • 5-years warranty.
  • One Double Door.
  • Two windows w/screen
  • A-frame Building 8’wide and smaller have 6′ 4 1/2 walls.
  • A-frame Building 10′ wide and bigger have 7’4 1/2 walls
  • Metal or Shingle roof.

Choose which Utility Shed fits you!

If you’re looking for economical Portable Shed you can download our price list, Email us, or just call us at 276-686-1683.

Not ready to buy? Tell us what holding you back. Is it the budget, or do you already have rented storage? Here at JZ Utility Barn, we have an affordable rent to own program. If buying a shed is too big of an investment at the moment, you should consider rent-to-own. Unlike renting from a storage facility, your shed is close and available. Plus, when you’re done paying, the shed is yours!